A Planting Fool

.Now that I have proven I can actually grow something other than weeds in my yard I am obsessed with growing everything.  I want to quadruple the size of my 4×8 garden!  Ok, ok.  I know that isn’t realistic because our yard isn’t all that big and we have a lot of other plans for […]

One Project Leads to Another and Another

.Add one more check to the list.  We are now at the following stats: 1.  Plant flowers – check 2.  Build raised vegetable garden – check 3.  Plant veggies in garden – check Unfortunately none of the herbs I bought fit in our new garden.  That means we have another project on our to-do list: […]

Check. Check. No check.

.Day one of gardening was a success.  More work than we had anticipated, but a success none-the-less. We got up bright and early and made our way to Home Depot.  We needed the wood to build the raised vegetable garden.  We needed the flowers to plant in the pots.  We needed the vegetable seeds for […]

Me? A Gardener?

.Over the years I’ve gone through phases of attempting gardening.  Some of those times involved dividing house plants and fostering new growth in order to repot them and have more greenery around the house. Some of the times I would succeed, some of the times the plants would die while I was traveling for so […]

Our *Almost* Finished Desk

.I’d like to think that my organization and nagging has finally rubbed off onto Jim.  He decided a few weeks ago to build a desk that would match the desk in our office.  Well, by match, I mean they have the same style.  The new desk will be finished black and the old desk is […]

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