Earning His Keep

.We make our kids earn their keep around this house.  Don’t you? Don’t get me wrong, mommy and daddy weren’t chilling in the yard with wine or anything.  We were busy too, but there are no photos to prove it so you’ll have to take our word on it.  Or I guess you could ask […]

Kitchen Renovations & Pregnancy

.I was looking for a photo of our kitchen before we made some renovations and I came across this in my search… It does serve the purpose of showing the kitchen prior to our renovations, but I thought it was fun to see my prego belly again. Please note that this was taken 3 days […]

Calling All Decorators!

.We’ve been living in our house for over 4 years now and I’m still struggling with what to do for this wall in our family room. It’s a two story wall and the way the furniture is situated the TV is off center on the wall and the air/heat vent is off centered the opposite […]

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