Gardening 2012

.Last weekend was so beautiful we thought we would catch up on all things outdoors.  And we did just that. We loaded the kids into the Passat and headed to Home Depot.  Of all weekends to have my car still loaded down with conference boxes and unusable, I chose this weekend to do our gardening. […]

Where Oh Where Have We Been?

.Between work, the boys, the pregnancy, the holidays (yes, I’m referring back to Christmas and Thanksgiving!), My Hello Designs, and well, life in general, I’ve been MIA lately. I haven’t visited many blogs and haven’t been as social online as I once was.  I haven’t been blogging much myself either.  I’ve missed birthdays and anniversaries […]

Our New Green Friends

.We didn’t exactly invite them over for a backyard bash, but they were too cute to kick out. These little caterpillars are called the Tomato Horn Worm and have made a home in my tomato plants.  At least someone is enjoying the garden this year because we sure didn’t get a chance to. As of […]

Gardening Advice Needed

.There is nothing like seeing the boys hanging out together at the garden eating fresh peas straight from the pods.  Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of it, but I did manage to get a few snapshots of how out of control our garden is getting. As I mentioned earlier in the […]

Garden Club is Baaaaaack…….

.  I’m so excited that gardening season is here. It’s almost time to be eating fresh peas, cucumbers, tomatoes and such from the garden. Our garden. I’m giddy with excitement. I started our seedlings inside this year. Not everything, but some of them. So far we have peas, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and two types of […]

First Day + New School + Rocks = Success

.After a stressful few weeks anticipating the change of schools, it was very uneventful.  And that is a good thing! We talked about the new school, new friends and new teachers and prepared the boys for this change.  We bought their new dress code clothes and made a big deal about little things they could […]

Gardening Season is Officially Over

.We picked the last of our tomatoes and green peppers.  Winter must be approaching. The weather in Atlanta has been beautiful this fall.  It’s been sunny and warm with cool mornings.  However, this last week the temps have dipped down to frost warning levels. So I picked the last of the veggies in the garden […]

Gardening Round Two

.Just when I was about to give up on my garden, it started thriving again! We now have watermelons!! They are a little small still, but I’m hopeful they will grow big enough for us to eat this fall. Aren’t they cute? We also have lettuce growing like crazy. I have no idea at what […]

Gardening for the Bugs

.I’ve taken up a new hobby.  Gardening for the bugs.  Yep – for the bugs!  We haven’t enjoyed anything from the garden in quite some time and now I know it’s because someone else has been enjoying it before we can get to it. These bugs! Or at least I think it’s because of these […]

30 Things in Almost 60 Days Before Summer Ends

.I spent most of the Spring thinking “I’ll get to that this summer.”  More specifically “I will organize all of our closets over the summer” or “Over the summer I’ll focus on rolling out new My Hello Designs products” or “We need to finish our backyard landscaping this summer.” This is my favorite one though […]

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