Do People Really Still Smoke?

.I know this post may offend some, but honestly I’m not sure that I care right now. It’s something that has been on my mind for awhile now and I just have to know. Do people really still smoke? Honestly, I didn’t really think that many people smoked anymore, or at least not as much […]

Does Your Neighborhood Have a Santa Brunch?

.Ours does.  It’s an annual tradition for as long as we’ve been in the ‘hood (at least). The last several years, I have been the main social committee director for our 300+ home neighborhood so this event falls within one of my responsibilities each year.  It’s so rewarding to see the kid’s faces light up […]

Super Heroes Have Birthday’s Too!

.Birthday’s around the holiday season are tough.  Everyone is always so busy with holiday parties, shopping, decorating, family time, Santa visits, etc.  It’s hard to find a perfect time to schedule a birthday party to not conflict with these celebrations. Ryan doesn’t turn 5 until the 18th, but since that is so close to Christmas, […]

Disney’s Phineas & Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever Giveaway!

.Second Date Added Due to Overwhelming Popular Demand Performances Added on Saturday, December 17 at 4:00PM & 7:00PM at Philips Arena Due to tremendous public response, Disney’s Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever! will continue to entertain audiences in Atlanta! Performances have been added on Saturday, December 17, 2011 at 4:00pm and 7:00pm […]

Trick or Treat!

.The boys had a blast trick-or-treating this year.  They were so into their costumes and they both knew the drill when it came to Halloween night. We rushed home from school, ate dinner and got into costumes.  We were ringing doorbells in no time! Both boys ran as fast as they could from house to […]

Ryan’s Stress-free Day

.Ahhh… there is nothing like a stress-free day out on the lake. Aren’t vacations wonderful?  We sure do miss being up north in Wisconsin.

The Funny Thing About Being Hacked

.First of all, I apologize to anyone who may have received an email from me last week that made no sense.  It did not come from me on purpose; my email account was hacked. And it took me several days to notice this because it’s an account that I haven’t used in years.  Thankfully I […]

Nutella Like You’ve Never Had Before

.Over the last several weeks all of my conversations have involved Nutella. It’s been strange. And I’m not joking or exaggerating about this either. I’m being serious. It started about a month ago when MommyParties sent me a package with the following items: YUM! We not only love Nutella, but we love coffee too! So […]

I’ve Been Awarded!

.What an honor I received from Melissa over at 3 Creative Chics! I can’t thank you enough for this award. You’ve made my weekend!! Seriously! I know there are a few requirements to receiving this award and I am happy (and honored) to do the following… Thank and link back to the person who awarded […]

Our Backyard is Transforming

.We did it. We finally bought a playset for the backyard. If you’ve been around for the last year or so we’ve done a lot of talking about playsets. We’ve done a boat load of research. We’ve ordered catalogs. We’ve reviewed DVDs. We’ve visited local distributors. We’ve read reviews and we’ve even checked out playsets […]

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