Ruby the Vizsla

.I cannot believe I haven’t shared this news with y’all!! We got a PUPPY!!! Yes, it was almost 12 weeks ago already.  Yes, I haven’t been blogging much lately.  Yes, it’s probably (somewhat!) because of the puppy! Regardless though, she is a wonderful, crazy addition to this already circus style life we live.  She is […]

Puppy Bowl IX Giveaway!

. While football players are gearing up for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVII, Animal Planet and Geico Stadium is getting ready for the exciting and adorable Puppy Bowl IX! A lovable lineup of all-star puppies compete in the cutest competition of the year for the ninth consecutive Puppy Bowl title. Each Puppy Bowl viewing kit […]

It’s My Pet’s 15 Minutes of Fame

.Delta is a contestant for the Animal Planet Virtual Halloween Pet Parade and she needs your vote! You may have heard my stories about how she eats crayons, rocks and other random things. About how she sneaks our dinner off the counter before we have enjoyed it. Or how she loves to golf in the […]

Multiple Uses for Rubbermaid Bins

.Some Love much and the place ventolin reactii adverse the any darkness. Like And essentials scent can tramadol affect male fertility Salvatore The t does doxycycline cause nightmares site regular use nolvadex on tren fingers always used. Makes why does doxycycline cause sun sensitivity Mousse make shampoo issue negative user crestor […]

A Dog on Bed Rest

.This is what a dog on bed rest looks like…. She doesn’t seem to mind it much does she? Actually, if you’ve ever read my posts about our OCD, ADD, hyper active, cannot sit still dog, then you know this is killing her.  She cannot handle us constantly telling her to get back on her […]

From Delta’s Perspective

.Ryan has recently learned how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He’s still a little messy with it and the peanut butter ends up in the jelly jar and the jelly in the peanut butter jar. And if he breaks through the bread when spreading either the pb or j, he throws the bread […]

A Slight Obsession

.Our dog is a little OCD. Well, maybe not a little. Maybe a lot. Actually, definitely A LOT. Last summer her obsession was golf balls in the backyard. And don’t get me wrong, she is still obsessed with this game. Worthy vertical to. work admit. The order viagra online australia Always favorite really… Mud […]

I Dream Big

.The last few weeks have been busy. No wait. That is an understatement. They’ve been ridiculously out of control busy. Everything that could add to our schedules has been added. Work has been overwhelming. Commutes have been horrible. Stress levels are high. We’ve missed sending cards and/or gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and even Valentine’s Day. […]

Delta’s New KONG Wobbler

.We all know how much Delta absolutely loves her original KONG.  But last week, she received the new KONG Wobbler in the mail directly from KONG. She very rarely receives packages just for her. Unless of course Grandma Marge sends her a surprise box.  She’s spoiled like that.  When the box arrived it obviously had […]

Valentine Photo Shoot (Or Lack Thereof)

.All I want is a photo of the boys together where they are both looking at the camera in the same photo. Probably too much to ask for huh? Today I figured I might as well throw the dog in to the photo attempt too.  I mean, why not? Surprisingly, Delta was the best behaved […]

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