Bunk Beds + Spring Ahead = Disaster

.The transition to bunk beds has not gone well.  In fact, it’s been a complete disaster. The beds themselves are awesome.  I love them.  It’s a mission-style look in cherry wood and they are double over double bunks.  The room they are in is huge and has so much potential to be a perfect escape […]

Do People Really Still Smoke?

.I know this post may offend some, but honestly I’m not sure that I care right now. It’s something that has been on my mind for awhile now and I just have to know. Do people really still smoke? Honestly, I didn’t really think that many people smoked anymore, or at least not as much […]


.For those of you who haven’t heard….. We’re having another baby! Photo taken at 12 weeks. I’m actually 14 weeks today. You wouldn’t really know it though if you saw me. I haven’t felt great the last 14 weeks so I’ve actually lost weight and other than a small baby bump that is still hidden […]

Medications, Speech Therapists & First Day of School

.First day of school was two weeks ago. How has it been two weeks already?! I’ve been running a thousand different directions doing a million things. Owen had an eye appointment last week and a 3 year check up today. His eyes are status quo. The doctor said they are looking good and are aligned […]

Kitchen Renovations & Pregnancy

.I was looking for a photo of our kitchen before we made some renovations and I came across this in my search… It does serve the purpose of showing the kitchen prior to our renovations, but I thought it was fun to see my prego belly again. Please note that this was taken 3 days […]

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend….

.Saying goodbye to an old friend is never easy. Especially when that old friend is….nap time! Yes, you read that correctly. This weekend I realized that naps (or even rest time) is a thing of the past in our suburban home. And for that I am sad. Nap time is when I would write up […]

Three Years Ago Today….

.Three years ago today, I looked like this… Owen looked like this… Daddy looked like this…. And Ryan met his new little baby brother…. Happy birthday to my little O-wee.  I cannot believe you are already three years old. Your personality is amazing and the way you idolize your brother is priceless.  We love you […]

Our Family Through Ryan’s Eyes

.Today, Ryan drew a picture of himself wearing headphones. And then he asked for more paper so he could draw more of his family. He drew mommy… He drew daddy… He drew Owen, but as he explained, he didn’t give him hair because he’s our baby still.  And no glasses either because he said he […]

Google PageRank Increased… Yippee!

.I am so excited!  I just happened to check my Google page rank and it is at 2 of 10! This is very exciting to me!  When I switched my blog last year from the free wordpress.com to a self hosted wordpress.org site, I lost everything.  At that time I only had a Google page […]

One Project Leads to Another…. Unfortunately.

.Let me start by saying this was not my idea. In no way, shape or form was I for this idea.  As a matter of fact, I was pretty much against it the entire weekend. I’m not saying it didn’t need to be done.  But what I am saying is that it didn’t need to […]

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