Why I Almost Spit Out My Coffee

.The other morning as we were driving to school we were discussing baby sister’s arrival in about 7 weeks and how we would need to move the car seats around so baby sister’s seat can go where Owen’s seat currently is. I asked the boys where they wanted their seats and if they were going […]

Bunk Beds + Spring Ahead = Disaster

.The transition to bunk beds has not gone well.  In fact, it’s been a complete disaster. The beds themselves are awesome.  I love them.  It’s a mission-style look in cherry wood and they are double over double bunks.  The room they are in is huge and has so much potential to be a perfect escape […]


.For those of you who haven’t heard….. We’re having another baby! Photo taken at 12 weeks. I’m actually 14 weeks today. You wouldn’t really know it though if you saw me. I haven’t felt great the last 14 weeks so I’ve actually lost weight and other than a small baby bump that is still hidden […]

Brother For Sale!

.The other night after reading books to Ryan he mentioned that his friend in school has a new baby sister. The conversation went something like this: Ryan: “My friend at school has a new baby.” Mommy: “Oh really? She does?” Ryan: “Yes momma. The baby used to be in her mommy’s tummy, but it’s not […]

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