A Weekend of Fun in the SNOW in Atlanta… Say WHAAAAT?!?!?!

.A few weekends ago we enjoyed a day in the SNOW!  What?  In Atlanta?  And the city didn’t shut down?!  Snow, Atlanta, and fun are never used in the same sentence (typically).  But this time was different. Yes, we went to SNOW MOUNTAIN at Stone Mountain.  I’ve talked about doing this every year for the […]

Monster Energy AMA Supercross Coming to the Georgia Dome February 21st and 28th!

. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to see the Monster Energy AMA Supercross!  My boys are going to be absolutely thrilled when I tell them they are going.  They’ve never been to a show like this, but beg to go when they see things like this on TV. Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World […]

The World of Coke Veteran’s Day Offer (November 8-16, 2014)

.The World of Coke offers free admission to members of the Armed Forces (active duty, reserves and retirees) year-round. In honor of Veterans Day, they are going one step further to show their gratitude and support for the men and women who serve our country. Starting Saturday, Nov. 8 through Sunday, Nov. 16, members of […]

World of Coca-Cola Class Field Trip Giveaway!

.If you know me, you know I love Coke. So living in Atlanta is perfect for me. Everywhere I go is Coke, Coke, Coke. Ahhhhh…. I love it. You can imagine we’ve been to the World of Coca-Cola once or twice as well. It’s such a fun venue to visit. What I was unaware of […]

Disney On Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After

. Disney on Ice Presents Rockin’ Ever After They will be here all weekend in Atlanta, October 10-14! Grandma was lucky enough to still be visiting and she was able to join us for a fun night out! The boys were so excited to bring her to the show! Get ready to rock out with […]

Teacher Gifts: Thank You For Bringing Out the Creative Juices In Me

.During teacher appreciation week I put together a few fun little gifts.  One of which included this one… “Thank you for bringing out the creative juices in me!” I purchased the insulated cups at Kohls and each one had the teacher’s initial on it. I then filled them with tissue paper for added color and […]

Day Out with Thomas: Mystery on the Rails Tour 2012

. ALL ABOARD DETECTIVES! I wanted to let you know that I have been selected to be a  “Mommy Reporter” for the Day Out with Thomas: Mystery on the Rails Tour 2012 event at the Tennessee Valley Railroad on April 28th.  This is our 2nd year attending and last year was an absolute blast!  Remember […]

How I Left the Dealership With a New Vehicle

.The bad news was that it was my starter that died and needed to be replaced. The good news is that it was covered under our extended warranty.  Even luckier news is that the warranty is just about to run out so timing couldn’t have been better for this to happen.  A few more miles […]

Typical Suburban Day… RIGHT??

.Tuesday started like any other day.  Every typical suburban mom has days like this right?! 5:55am – alarm goes off.  Snooze. 6:03am – alarm goes off again.  Snooze twice. 6:30am – alarm goes off again.  Finally open eyes and turn on the news.  Afterall, we have to know the current pollen count right? 6:35am – […]

Gardening 2012

.Last weekend was so beautiful we thought we would catch up on all things outdoors.  And we did just that. We loaded the kids into the Passat and headed to Home Depot.  Of all weekends to have my car still loaded down with conference boxes and unusable, I chose this weekend to do our gardening. […]

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