Woo-Woo O-wee!

.We’ve been doing a lot of dancing, clapping, cheering and singing around our house over the last week. While some were getting cabin fever, we were doing….. the pee-pee dance instead!! “Woo-woo O-wee!  Woo-woo O-wee!!” I couldn’t be more proud of my not quite (shy by one month) 2 and a half year old.  He’s […]

New Year, New School

.If you know me, you know I love change.  I thrive on change.  But you also have to know that the change I love has to be on my terms.  And you have to know that while I do love change, it does stress me out.  I always wonder if it was the right decision?  […]

Can a Four Year Old Stand Still?

.This isn’t a trick question, but the answer in our household is definitely not… OUR four year old cannot stand still. You don’t believe me?  You need proof?  Well, here you go! In case you’re wondering, ours is the one in the back row on the right that is constantly moving.

Episencial Party

.I love play dates.  I love hosting mommies and kiddos (and daddies too!) at our house and will do so any chance I have.  If you don’t know my day job, I am a meeting/event planner.  I am the social director of our 300+ home neighborhood planning 6+ events per year for the ‘hood.  I […]

Who’s a Chatterbox?

.Ryan had his first official parent/teacher conference last week and he is doing wonderful.  Yes, he is not even 4 years old and yes, he has homework every night and no, I’m not sure how I feel about all of this. But for the sake of staying focused, I will tell you about the conference […]

From Fireman to Tiger All In a Day’s Work

.By day, these two cute little boys go about their business being firemen and saving boys and girls from burning buildings. But watch out!  By night they transform into little tigers to save the world! The process of changing from such a cute little guy into such a ferocious tiger isn’t easy.  The process is […]

Homework Assignment: Sock Puppet

.A few weeks ago you probably read about me frantically looking for service people sock puppet patterns.  Ryan was sent home from school with homework to make a service person sock puppet for some project they were working on at school.  UGH! Ask me to make a puppy dog, a snake, or a worm and […]

Little Man Turns 2!

.Happy birthday little O-wee.  We had no idea how much you would change our lives.  You are an amazing little man and we love your stubborn personality, your pouting lip and your infectious smile.  You light up the room with your personality. You have such a nonchalant manner.  I love that you just go with […]

In the Blink of An Eye

.The start of the evening started off not-so-bad.  We had fun making dinner together, just me and the boys (recipe to be posted soon!).  They were thrilled to help crush the crackers into the bowl for me.  Then with dinner in the oven we headed to the toy room for some fun playtime before eating. […]

Stubborn Like His Father

.If you haven’t met Owen, he is a very strong willed and stubborn child.  He is absolutely hilarious and the sweetest thing ever, but man does he have a mind of his own.  And he loves to show it.  His teachers at Woodchase Academy would probably disagree with me on these statements though because they […]

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