Christmas Eve

.No, we are not still celebrating Christmas.  It’s just that I realized I never uploaded our photos from our camera!  And they date back as far as Christmas Eve. We started the day making sugar cookies and decorating them.  They boys had a blast and made a mess. Then we headed to Big Canoe, GA […]

Woo-Hoo O-wee Dance

.I promised to post this video last week and here I am just getting around to it this week.  And on Friday. Would you believe me if I said it’s been a really long couple of weeks?  Well, it has.  Between work, commuting, schedules, appointments, meetings, weather, 4 year old attitudes, 2 year old temper […]

Woo-Woo O-wee!

.We’ve been doing a lot of dancing, clapping, cheering and singing around our house over the last week. While some were getting cabin fever, we were doing….. the pee-pee dance instead!! “Woo-woo O-wee!  Woo-woo O-wee!!” I couldn’t be more proud of my not quite (shy by one month) 2 and a half year old.  He’s […]

Jam Session 2011

.Welcome to the Yahres Jam Session 2011.  I have shared with you the singing talents of Ryan (Santa Claus is Coming to Town) and Owen (Jingle Bells), but ladies and gentlemen, we are multi-talented over here.  We have quite the little guitarist on our hands as well. And he’s well dressed wouldn’t you say? He […]

Sing Along Songs

.I posted Ryan singing his favorite song Santa Claus is Coming to Town, but I never posted Owen singing his favorite song… Jingle Bells! I admit we are still listening to Little People Jingle Bell Rock CD in the car.  I know that Christmas is over, but we (me, Owen and Ryan) absolutely love this […]

A Sheperd and a Sheep

.A sheperd and a sheep…. Those are what our boys were in the annual Big Canoe Chapel Christmas Eve family service at  Grandad Jim and Grandmom Janice’s house.  Ryan played the part of a sheperd boy while Owen carried the sheep. Yes, he carried the sheep. Why? Well because he refused to actually wear it […]

A White Christmas…. in Atlanta!

.We didn’t wake up to snow on the ground, but we sure got a decent amount that afternoon! It’s been over a hundred years (or something crazy like that) since Atlanta has had a white Christmas. How awesome is that?! And of course we were the crazy family out there all bundled up playing in […]

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

.Both boys are very into the Christmas Carols this year.  We bought a Little People Jingle Bell Rock CD and I highly recommend it.  We have not listened to anything else in the car since Thanksgiving.  We love it! Ryan’s favorite is Santa Claus is Coming to Town; Owen’s favorite is Jingle Bells; and Mommy’s […]

Can a Four Year Old Stand Still?

.This isn’t a trick question, but the answer in our household is definitely not… OUR four year old cannot stand still. You don’t believe me?  You need proof?  Well, here you go! In case you’re wondering, ours is the one in the back row on the right that is constantly moving.

What Would YOU Do?

.I need some suggestions on how to handle a situation that has recently occurred in our household (or actually our car)….. There is a song on a particular Christmas CD that Ryan absolutely and positively LOVES.  Owen absolutely and positively HATES that same song.  Ryan cries if I don’t put it on, but Owen screams […]

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