Toddlers and TV: Do You Allow It?

.I’m not a fan of the boys watching television.  I’m not against, but I don’t allow it real often. And the boys definitely know that daddy is more likely to turn it on for them than mommy is.  They’ve gotten pretty good at the manipulation of it too.  If I run to the grocery store […]

Is the Droid Incredible Really Incredible?

.The short answer is YES!!  And the long answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY! I love all the apps for the Droid Incredible and how easy it is to update my blog from it; upload photos and status updates to facebook; tweet; read and respond to emails. I also love that I can view the weather in […]

Backyard Playground Recommendations Needed

.We spent today researching backyard playgrounds.  The boys absolutely love to slide and swing and climb and well, be boys.  The usable portion of our yard is not huge so we are somewhat limited on what we can purchase as far as features and styles go. Today we looked at Rainbow Play Systems and PlayNation […]

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