A Dog on Bed Rest

.This is what a dog on bed rest looks like…. She doesn’t seem to mind it much does she? Actually, if you’ve ever read my posts about our OCD, ADD, hyper active, cannot sit still dog, then you know this is killing her.  She cannot handle us constantly telling her to get back on her […]

Goodbyes Are Never Easy

.It’s been a rough week around here. If you have pets you will understand what we’ve been through. We’ve been stressed; we’ve been worried; we’ve had sleepless nights; and we’ve shed tears. Lots of tears. Yesterday we had to put our little Milo down. It broke our hearts. We haven’t even told the boys yet. […]

Glasses for Another 11 Years (Give or Take)

.Our little man will continue to wear glasses for an undetermined amount of time.  The doctor said it could be 6 months or 11 years.  It could be somewhere in between that or even longer than that.  We don’t know. The funny part is that his eyes are perfect right now and the surgery was […]

Wordless Wednesday: Brothers

.How sweet are these brothers? Wondering why Owen’s eyes are so red? Read about his second strabismus surgery.

Our Stud Muffin is Back!

.You may think this is a bad thing, but it’s not.  Or at least the way Dr. Lipsky explained it to me today, it doesn’t appear to be a bad thing.  Our stud muffin is BACK! Despite the random pain, crying and whimpering from our little O-wee, he is healing well and his eyes are […]

Showing His Sensitive Side

.Who needs to leave the house?  Why ruin a good vacation by having to get showered and dressed and look presentable? Owen and I seem to believe that the best type of vacation is one where we stay in pjs all day and snuggle every chance we can.  We’ve watched movies; we’ve read books; we’ve […]

Happy New Year!

.We spent New Year’s Eve the same we have for the last 5 years.  We made our traditional surf and turf meal and just hung out at home as a family. For a moment I actually thought we’d be doing something different this year.  I actually thought we might be having Kraft mac & cheese […]

Strabismus Surgery Number 2

.After much stress and sleepless nights, surgery day arrived.  We were scheduled for 12:45pm and Owen was not allowed anything to eat after midnight.  And he was only allowed apple juice water and popsicles until 8:30am. This did not make for a pleasant morning. Our two year old absolutely loves his sippy cup of warmed […]

Our Christmas Surprise Turns FOUR

.I can’t believe my baby boy is four years old.  Where has the time gone?  How can he be FOUR already?! Every Christmas season when we drive by Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, we talk to Ryan about he made his appearance early and became our little Christmas surprise.  We tell how mommy and daddy […]

Snow, Surgery and Holidays

.Monday started like any other Monday in Atlanta.  Snow flurries and cold weather.  Wait!  What?! That’s typical weather for Colorado.  Or Minnesota.  Or Wisconsin. Not Georgia. But regardless, that is how this Monday started.  And on this cold wintery day Owen had a follow-up eye appointment with Dr. Lipsky.  Since Owen’s had several different appointments […]

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