iPad Addict

.Can you guess who I am referring to as the iPad addict? With how much I was stocking the iPad giveaway sites, one would think I was referring to myself as the iPad addict. Or now that we have an iPad (thanks great granny & grandma Ellie!) and all the complaining I do that Jim […]

Wordless Wednesday: Chewing Purees

.I just had to share this again.  I know I’ve shared it randomly over the last 2 years, but I couldn’t help myself.  I think this video is hilarious.  And trust me when I say I needed a laugh over the last week or so. I have a lot on my plate right now and […]

Apple ipad

.I admit it.  I want one.  I really, really, REALLY want one.  Wouldn’t you want this thin, sleek and brilliant product? Here’s the deal though.  I can’t justify buying an Apple ipad.  It’s not horribly expensive and I’d be perfectly happy with the smallest size and least expensive one, but it’s still an expense that […]

Toddler + Apple Store = Addiction

.Yes, that’s correct.  Ryan is addicted to the Apple Store.  There may be a little teeny bit of confusion there, but regardless he begs every day to go to the Apple Store.  Let me back up a few weeks ago. It all started on a sunshiney day when we were invited over for pizza to […]

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