Medications, Speech Therapists & First Day of School

.First day of school was two weeks ago. How has it been two weeks already?! I’ve been running a thousand different directions doing a million things. Owen had an eye appointment last week and a 3 year check up today. His eyes are status quo. The doctor said they are looking good and are aligned […]

Surviving a 4 Year Old

.Please tell me this is a stage that will pass.  Please tell me that someday I will look back to this age with fondness and actually miss it. Because right now I’m not enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong, we have good days.  Actually, I’m not sure I can say days.  We have good moments.  […]

Lunch is on Ryan

.On our last day of being snowed in Jim had to go to work.  Regardless how the roads were he needed to be there.  I think the have to be there was partially for his sanity.  But regardless that left me and the boys for the day. Around noon we started talking about lunch.  Ryan […]

Woo-Woo O-wee!

.We’ve been doing a lot of dancing, clapping, cheering and singing around our house over the last week. While some were getting cabin fever, we were doing….. the pee-pee dance instead!! “Woo-woo O-wee!  Woo-woo O-wee!!” I couldn’t be more proud of my not quite (shy by one month) 2 and a half year old.  He’s […]

First Day + New School + Rocks = Success

.After a stressful few weeks anticipating the change of schools, it was very uneventful.  And that is a good thing! We talked about the new school, new friends and new teachers and prepared the boys for this change.  We bought their new dress code clothes and made a big deal about little things they could […]

Showing His Sensitive Side

.Who needs to leave the house?  Why ruin a good vacation by having to get showered and dressed and look presentable? Owen and I seem to believe that the best type of vacation is one where we stay in pjs all day and snuggle every chance we can.  We’ve watched movies; we’ve read books; we’ve […]

A Sheperd and a Sheep

.A sheperd and a sheep…. Those are what our boys were in the annual Big Canoe Chapel Christmas Eve family service at  Grandad Jim and Grandmom Janice’s house.  Ryan played the part of a sheperd boy while Owen carried the sheep. Yes, he carried the sheep. Why? Well because he refused to actually wear it […]

Our Christmas Surprise Turns FOUR

.I can’t believe my baby boy is four years old.  Where has the time gone?  How can he be FOUR already?! Every Christmas season when we drive by Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, we talk to Ryan about he made his appearance early and became our little Christmas surprise.  We tell how mommy and daddy […]

Have You Been to the Portable North Pole?

. If you haven’t been to the Portable North Pole yet, you need to go. Fast. It is one of the cutest things I have seen this holiday season.  Or any holiday season for that matter.  You can send a personalized message to your kids, a friend, a parent or a spouse. The boys were […]

Santa Brunch

.The boys woke up on Saturday morning and the first conversation went something like this: Momma:  “Ryan, would you like to go have breakfast with Santa today?” Ryan:  “Today?  With Santa?  With Santa Claus?” Momma:  “Yep!  With Santa Claus!  Do you want to go see him and tell him what a good boy you’ve been […]

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