Three Years Ago Today….

.Three years ago today, I looked like this… Owen looked like this… Daddy looked like this…. And Ryan met his new little baby brother…. Happy birthday to my little O-wee.  I cannot believe you are already three years old. Your personality is amazing and the way you idolize your brother is priceless.  We love you […]

Strabismus Surgery Number 2

.After much stress and sleepless nights, surgery day arrived.  We were scheduled for 12:45pm and Owen was not allowed anything to eat after midnight.  And he was only allowed apple juice water and popsicles until 8:30am. This did not make for a pleasant morning. Our two year old absolutely loves his sippy cup of warmed […]

Our Christmas Surprise Turns FOUR

.I can’t believe my baby boy is four years old.  Where has the time gone?  How can he be FOUR already?! Every Christmas season when we drive by Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, we talk to Ryan about he made his appearance early and became our little Christmas surprise.  We tell how mommy and daddy […]

Little Man is Turning FOUR!

.This little man…. is turning four years old on Saturday. Where did the time go?! How can my little man be four already? We couldn’t have been more thrilled to have such a wonderful Christmas blessing. Even if it was unexpected and 5 weeks early while daddy was traveling.

Snow, Surgery and Holidays

.Monday started like any other Monday in Atlanta.  Snow flurries and cold weather.  Wait!  What?! That’s typical weather for Colorado.  Or Minnesota.  Or Wisconsin. Not Georgia. But regardless, that is how this Monday started.  And on this cold wintery day Owen had a follow-up eye appointment with Dr. Lipsky.  Since Owen’s had several different appointments […]

Little Man Turns 2!

.Happy birthday little O-wee.  We had no idea how much you would change our lives.  You are an amazing little man and we love your stubborn personality, your pouting lip and your infectious smile.  You light up the room with your personality. You have such a nonchalant manner.  I love that you just go with […]

Quick Update….

.So our rough week continued through the weekend.  Mommy got the flu!  Saturday I felt totally and completely fine – went Christmas shopping and played with the boys.  We even went over to some friends house for dinner on Saturday night (sorry Malinda!  I hope you guys didn’t end up sick from me!).  I felt […]

Rough Week….

.This past few weeks have been tough at our house.  It all started a few weeks ago when Jim cut open his thumb on a putty knife and needed 6 stitches.  Off to the urgent care he went (alone I might add since mommy had to stay home with the two napping boys).  Luckily urgent […]

A New Plan….

.Now that Owen’s MRI came back normal our next concern is dealing with the original eye issue that brought us to the MRI in the first place. The plan was that once we had the results of the MRI they wanted to move forward with the eye muscle surgery. I have been stressed over all […]

Quick Owen Update….

.Everything went really well with Owen’s MRI yesterday. He was a little champ! Never ceases to amaze me. Well after they got the IV into him anyway. Jim was a little worried that Owen was going to bite the nurse!! They had a difficult time getting a vein and had to poke him a couple […]

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