How to Plan a Train Themed Birthday Party

.What little boy doesn’t love choo-choo trains? So why not incorporate the love of trains into your child’s birthday party? We did just this for Owen’s 3rd birthday a few weekends ago. We started with a train themed birthday party invitation (details have been changed for privacy purposes). I used the colors of navy blue, […]

Birthday Party Theme: Choo Choo Train

.Need to plan a birthday party soon?  Why not go with this super cute train theme?  I simply love the colors and the design.  Don’t you? You can order the invite…. Attach birthday tags on the party take-away goody bags… Then pair it with a thank you card following the party…. And wa-la!  You have […]

Love, Laughter and Something Else

.A friend of mine is celebrating a birthday today.  And she’s not just any friend; she’s an amazing woman. I’ve known Heather for 6 years now.  She was one of my first friends when we moved from Denver to Atlanta.  She showed me the ropes of the area and would even dog sit for our […]

Happy Birthday to….

.ME! I love birthdays.  I love hearing from family and friends that I don’t hear from on a regular basis.  I love that. I know that everybody is busy.  I know that life happens and we all get into our routines.  But on a birthday you hear from everyone. And it’s awesome. I love to […]

A Sheperd and a Sheep

.A sheperd and a sheep…. Those are what our boys were in the annual Big Canoe Chapel Christmas Eve family service at  Grandad Jim and Grandmom Janice’s house.  Ryan played the part of a sheperd boy while Owen carried the sheep. Yes, he carried the sheep. Why? Well because he refused to actually wear it […]

A White Christmas…. in Atlanta!

.We didn’t wake up to snow on the ground, but we sure got a decent amount that afternoon! It’s been over a hundred years (or something crazy like that) since Atlanta has had a white Christmas. How awesome is that?! And of course we were the crazy family out there all bundled up playing in […]

Our Christmas Surprise Turns FOUR

.I can’t believe my baby boy is four years old.  Where has the time gone?  How can he be FOUR already?! Every Christmas season when we drive by Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, we talk to Ryan about he made his appearance early and became our little Christmas surprise.  We tell how mommy and daddy […]

Little Man is Turning FOUR!

.This little man…. is turning four years old on Saturday. Where did the time go?! How can my little man be four already? We couldn’t have been more thrilled to have such a wonderful Christmas blessing. Even if it was unexpected and 5 weeks early while daddy was traveling.

Birthday Celebration Take Two

.A two year old boy deserves a variety of birthday parties.  One can never have too many celebrations.  Especially when that certain two year old is always in the shadows of his very talkative and social older brother. Owen celebrated every chance he could get this year.  When you asked him “Who is having a […]

Nothing Like Family

.The best part of our vacation to Wisconsin was reconnecting with family that we hadn’t seen in quite some time.  It’s amazing how many years can go by and yet you can just pick up where things left off as if no time has passed at all. My cousin Paul and I grew up together.  […]

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