3 Easy to Make Meals for Moms in a Hurry

.Feeding your family can be a tiring experience. Every day they want dinner on the table! What’s wrong with them?! Anyway, coming up with new meal ideas can be a stretch, especially when you are in a hurry. Here are three meals that you can make without much time, effort, or ingredients. Just throw them […]

3 Tips for Throwing a Birthday Party in January

.Children born in January sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to their birthday parties. Relatives will often send them joint birthday and Christmas presents, and parents have to scramble to throw them a decent party when funds are low after being depleted over the holidays. Many a child has asked […]

The Foundation for a Healthy Lifestyle: Tips for Getting Your Family Active

. Experts suggest that young children need to accumulate at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day…unfortunately though this doesn’t always happen.  Many children are not nearly as active as they need to be and it is clear that along with poor diet, physical inactivity has contributed to a large increase in childhood obesity […]

Life Lessons: Student, Mama; Teacher, Baby

. My outside the home profession up until Jac’s birth was teaching. I am passionate about education, and my plan was to use my teaching skills to help Jac grow and develop as much as possible. Imagine my surprise when I realized that my Masters degree and classroom teacher experience didn’t compare to the teaching skills of […]

Grocery Store Survival with a Child

. Produce Aisle: You begin your shopping, coupons in hand, with a relatively content child. He is happy to talk to himself and play with your car keys while you squeeze various fruits and vegetables to select the perfect and most economical choices. Of course you swing by the onions, making a mental note that […]

Winning Big With Blog Giveaways

.Guest post provided by The Mom and Dad Reviews…… The reason I started this blog is because I have a deep love obsession with giveaways. I would often find myself going from blog to blog to blog entering in more and more giveaways – and winning! The excitement of getting that email saying You’ve Won! […]

Guest Post: Mom as Case Manager

.I was feeling particularly frustrated one recent afternoon, which is saying a lot since the hours from 3-7 pm usually resemble one of Hell’s inner circles around here. I was preparing dinner, helping my 2nd grader with fractions (reaching the very limits of my math skills), playing referee to a toddler and a preschooler who […]

Guest Post: Making Healthy Chicken “Fingers”

. Chicken Strips This recipe can really just be altered to your tastes. It doesn’t require any measuring, just have fun with it. If you need to know the process, or just want to watch my silly how to video, its below! Ingredients Chicken Breasts, cut into strips Shredded Wheat cereal (about 1-2 cups) Wheat […]

Guest Post: Where to Find Coupons

.As The Coupon Diva I am asked all the time where I get my coupons from. I tell them there are a ton of places that I get my coupons from. There is not just one place to go to save money there are coupons all over. 1. Sunday Paper This is the Wrinkles color […]

Guest Post: BalancingMama’s Happy List

.I’m thrilled to be guest posting today on Typical Suburban Family! For those of you who don’t know me, they call me Balancing Mama (aka, Julie) and I blog over at 3MomsIn1.com. I began blogging 13 months ago. My spunky almost 3-year-old princess is my inspiration. She is beautiful, smart, and sassy. She keeps me […]

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