The Foundation for a Healthy Lifestyle: Tips for Getting Your Family Active

. Experts suggest that young children need to accumulate at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day…unfortunately though this doesn’t always happen.  Many children are not nearly as active as they need to be and it is clear that along with poor diet, physical inactivity has contributed to a large increase in childhood obesity […]

Life Lessons: Student, Mama; Teacher, Baby

. My outside the home profession up until Jac’s birth was teaching. I am passionate about education, and my plan was to use my teaching skills to help Jac grow and develop as much as possible. Imagine my surprise when I realized that my Masters degree and classroom teacher experience didn’t compare to the teaching skills of […]

Grocery Store Survival with a Child

. Produce Aisle: You begin your shopping, coupons in hand, with a relatively content child. He is happy to talk to himself and play with your car keys while you squeeze various fruits and vegetables to select the perfect and most economical choices. Of course you swing by the onions, making a mental note that […]

Freddy & Petunia

. Are you still looking for gift ideas for the little ones in your life?  Your son?  Your daughter?  Your grandchild?  Why not purchase a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that they could treasure for years to come? I have a Freddy & Petunia original and we love it.  And I mean, love it! Ours […]

Feature Friday: Giveaways for Week of 9/6

. Throughout each week I will be collecting YOUR links for YOUR giveaways on my Giveaways & Reviews page. On Fridays, I will move them over to my main page and will highlight them in Feature Fridays post.  I would love for each of you to post this as well and spread the word about […]

Feature Friday: Simple. Lovely. Life

. It’s only appropriate that I feature simple. lovely. life today since I mentioned this blog yesterday on my 30 Things list.  I love how clean and easy to read Jenny’s blog is.  I love the header with the appearing and disappearing photo circles.  Her photos are wonderful throughout her blog, but this is one […]

Fabulous Fourth of July Finds

. Since it’s the holiday weekend, it’s only appropriate to feature some great fourth of July recipes, projects and finds.  And since I have none of my own to share with you, what better way to showcase the talents of other blogs than on my Feature Friday! The first site is one that I’ve been […]

Welcome Home!

. This is the new home of Raising Two Boys One Day at a Time or as I now am calling it Typical Suburban Family. I promise this is the last move.  I know you just updated all of your subscriptions and RSS feeds 7 months or so ago when I moved from blogger to […]

Enjoying the Small Things

. I know, I know.  I missed Feature Friday last week.  I have a million excuses why, but I won’t bore you with those details.  Today, I am back in action and ready to share a favorite site with you. I was introduced to this blog through one of the blogfrog communities I follow.  I […]

MIA…. So Feature Yourself!

. I know I’ve been MIA this week.  I’ve been traveling for a work conference and haven’t had much free time to blog, connect and engage with everyone.  But I’m back now and trying to catch up on this hot and humid Friday afternoon. So instead of a Feature Friday where I pick a blog […]

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