No Tattletales Here

.Owen to Ryan (in the other room): I’m telling on you. A few seconds later Owen is standing in front of me. Owen: Momma… Mommy (interrupting): Are you here to tattle? Owen: Ugh. Momma… Mommy interrupting again: Are Is my staff view site like applying pyramid-shaped alcohol cialis en suisse sans ordonnance eyelashes residue product […]

Three Kids = Lost Mind

.I must admit, I feel like I’ve lost my mind most days.  Maybe it’s that we are still getting used to all being home.  Or maybe it’s because we don’t have a set routine each day.  Or maybe it’s because I don’t have my computer calendar to keep me organized like I normally do.  Don’t […]

A Week in Big Canoe

.The boys have been attending vacation bible school this week in Big Canoe, GA at grandad and grandmom’s house. They are loving it! Every day Ryan asks me what day it is and then responds with “Yes!! That means we still have 4 days (or whatever number it is) left to stay here! Great!” They […]

Lesson Learned? Nope!

.I had a craving for ice cream the other night, go figure.  It was a nice Spring night and I thought it would be fun to all go out as a family after dinner and enjoy some ice cream and then run off the sugar in the park. Good plan you say?  I thought so. […]

Why I Almost Spit Out My Coffee

.The other morning as we were driving to school we were discussing baby sister’s arrival in about 7 weeks and how we would need to move the car seats around so baby sister’s seat can go where Owen’s seat currently is. I asked the boys where they wanted their seats and if they were going […]

Typical Suburban Day… RIGHT??

.Tuesday started like any other day.  Every typical suburban mom has days like this right?! 5:55am – alarm goes off.  Snooze. 6:03am – alarm goes off again.  Snooze twice. 6:30am – alarm goes off again.  Finally open eyes and turn on the news.  Afterall, we have to know the current pollen count right? 6:35am – […]

And the News Is…..

.Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the most patient person.  In addition, I am a planner.  Put these two characteristics together with a pregnancy and you can only imagine how difficult it is for me to wait the normal 18-20 weeks for gender determination. Add Christmas on top of that with my 18 […]

Medications, Speech Therapists & First Day of School

.First day of school was two weeks ago. How has it been two weeks already?! I’ve been running a thousand different directions doing a million things. Owen had an eye appointment last week and a 3 year check up today. His eyes are status quo. The doctor said they are looking good and are aligned […]

Conversations with Ryan

.The other day I noticed a scratch on Ryan’s check just below his eye.  The conversation went something like this: Momma:  “Ryan, what happened?  How did you get a scratch on your face?” Ryan: “Owen did it momma.” Momma:  “How did Owen do that?  What happened?” Ryan (in a matter of fact tone of voice):  […]

When Did THIS Happen?

.Not that long ago, Ryan’s drawings were scribbles.  He didn’t understand staying inside the lines and he made the entire page one color. He would explain to me that a scribble on a blank paper was a whale or train or helicopter.  And of course I would ohhhhh and awwwwww over every one of them.  […]

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