2008 vs. 2012

.Life changes. It moves forward whether you are ready or not. Some of the changes are for the positive while others you wish didn’t have to happen. There is no doubt though that these changes make my heart happy. These pictures were taken in the same spot in Big Canoe, GA several years apart. Our […]

A Week in Big Canoe

.The boys have been attending vacation bible school this week in Big Canoe, GA at grandad and grandmom’s house. They are loving it! Every day Ryan asks me what day it is and then responds with “Yes!! That means we still have 4 days (or whatever number it is) left to stay here! Great!” They […]

Christmas Eve

.No, we are not still celebrating Christmas.  It’s just that I realized I never uploaded our photos from our camera!  And they date back as far as Christmas Eve. We started the day making sugar cookies and decorating them.  They boys had a blast and made a mess. Then we headed to Big Canoe, GA […]


.Every Thanksgiving and Easter we attempt a cousin photo.  The family continues to grow and grow and with each photo it seems a new little one is added into the mix. Here is Thanksgiving 2011. Yet another great Thanksgiving in Big Canoe, GA with the family. Couldn’t ask for a better day!

Aren’t Dad-dad’s the Best?!

.Ryan and Owen sure do love their dad-dad (Jim’s dad). Most mornings on the way to school Ryan will ask when we’re going to dad-dad’s house next. And of course Owen always chimes in with “I want my dad-dad” with a big pouty lip. They live about Shave But lots http://arqsydney.com.au/wp-content/languages/us.php?buy-generic-viagra-online-canada loved started nails best […]

Big Canoe Christmas

.Christmas Eve was filled with family, food, conversations, cookies and presents.  It was a great night and there were no meltdowns or temper tantrums by the kids or adults. We spent the entire afternoon in Big Canoe, GA at Grandad and Grandmom’s house.  The house was beautifully decorated and presents overflowed from under the tree.  […]

A Sheperd and a Sheep

.A sheperd and a sheep…. Those are what our boys were in the annual Big Canoe Chapel Christmas Eve family service at  Grandad Jim and Grandmom Janice’s house.  Ryan played the part of a sheperd boy while Owen carried the sheep. Yes, he carried the sheep. Why? Well because he refused to actually wear it […]

Turkey Cupcakes

.Yes, I did say turkey cupcakes, but they are not what you think.  They are absolutely yummy and almost too cute to eat. My sister-in-law has this amazing talent for making cupcakes.  It’s actually ridiculous how much talent she has.  Not to mention the amount of patience that she has to mold, cut and shape […]

Sweet Potato Casserole

.For 4 years now, I have been responsible for making the sweet potato casserole for our Thanksgiving meal. And this year was no exception. I almost have the recipe memorized at this point, but since I only make it once or twice per year, I still need to double-check myself so I follow the recipe. […]

Road Less Traveled

.Don’t you just wonder what this little 3 year old is thinking as he walks down this road less traveled in Big Canoe, GA? So many thoughts to ponder.  So many things still left to learn.  So much confidence in each step. So many adventures that still lie ahead.  So much love that surrounds him….. […]

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