Disney Frozen on Ice

.Since both Ryan and Owen had school field trips this particular week, Emma and I decided to have a field trip of our own. This was every little Frozen-lovers dream day! Seriously, Anna and Elsa skating in their beautiful gowns?! And Olaf and his warm-hugging self?! Then there was Sven. I loved Sven!! We had […]

How a Kitten and Toddler Entertain Themselves

.This is a fun game that Emma and Peppa have discovered to pass the time. We call it hide-n-bop!

Top Three Questions New Moms Ask Me

.As a mom of three, I am asked numerous parenting questions on a regular basis.  I certainly don’t have all the answers, or claim to be any sort of expert, but I do have three very different kiddos and I feel like I have had a wide range of experiences over the years.  I’ve learned […]

Carefree Summer…

.Is it too soon to miss summer break? We’ve only completed our first week of school and already I’m missing our carefree summer.  With days spent like this, wouldn’t you be missing summer break too?  

Chocolate Tastes Like Cardboard, Don’t You Think?

.I don’t get it.  Why do people keep telling me that chocolate is so yummy? Why do they say chocolate is an addiction? I think it tastes like cardboard. Am I missing something?

5 Easy Steps to Organizing Baby Clothes

.To follow up on my previous post How to Organize Baby Clothes, I thought I would share some additional tips and tricks I’ve discovered over the years. Pack clothes away by size.  Be sure clothes don’t get tossed in the wrong bin because you may miss the opportunity to use again if a 3 month […]

We Lost the Baby…. AGAIN!

.Does this ever happen to you? You lay the baby on the floor and then you can’t seem to find her a few minutes later. Too many toys!

Warning: Pigtail Cuteness

.Have you seen anything cuter?! I simply love pigtails on little girls. I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I realized Emma’s hair would already fit in them at 8 months. I’m not sure she is quite as thrilled as I was…

Friends Forever

.Emma really wants the dog bone. Delta is so patient with her. She’s an amazing dog. Annoying, but amazing.

Sugar and Spice…and a Little Sass

.She is most definitely sugar and spice and everything nice. She melts our hearts every day. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you though. This girl definitely has spice in her personality! She will let out a screech when she wants something. She will smack her lips together when she is hungry. She will bury […]

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