Ruby the Vizsla

.I cannot believe I haven’t shared this news with y’all!! We got a PUPPY!!! Yes, it was almost 12 weeks ago already.  Yes, I haven’t been blogging much lately.  Yes, it’s probably (somewhat!) because of the puppy! Regardless though, she is a wonderful, crazy addition to this already circus style life we live.  She is […]

Peppa the Kitten Runs Out of Food. The Drama.

.This is what happens when our kitten runs out of food.  For 10 minutes.  Actually she starts doing it when she can see the bottom of her bowl, but she gets frantic if it all disappears before being refilled. I promise you we’ve never skipped a meal for her.  We’ve never made her starve even […]

Puppy Bowl IX Giveaway!

. While football players are gearing up for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVII, Animal Planet and Geico Stadium is getting ready for the exciting and adorable Puppy Bowl IX! A lovable lineup of all-star puppies compete in the cutest competition of the year for the ninth consecutive Puppy Bowl title. Each Puppy Bowl viewing kit […] Halloween Pet Parade

.When we first got Delta, Jim said “You are not going to dress her up in jackets and sweaters and all that stuff.  She’s a dog.” It didn’t take long to realize that Delta loves to be dressed up though.  She loves to wear bandanas around her neck; jackets when it’s chilly; and Halloween costumes […]

Puppy Bowl Sticker & Activity Book and Puppy Bowl Yearbook Giveaway!

.Penguin Publishing Group’s Puppy Bowl Sticker and Activity Book and Puppy Bowl Yearbook will entertain the little tikes so that everyone can enjoy themselves at the Annual Super Bowl party. I’m sure that any of you mommies and daddies planning Super Bowl party activities would love  a chance to win the (2) Puppy Bowl books!  […]

It’s My Pet’s 15 Minutes of Fame

.Delta is a contestant for the Animal Planet Virtual Halloween Pet Parade and she needs your vote! You may have heard my stories about how she eats crayons, rocks and other random things. About how she sneaks our dinner off the counter before we have enjoyed it. Or how she loves to golf in the […]

Our New Green Friends

.We didn’t exactly invite them over for a backyard bash, but they were too cute to kick out. These little caterpillars are called the Tomato Horn Worm and have made a home in my tomato plants.  At least someone is enjoying the garden this year because we sure didn’t get a chance to. As of […]

Ryan’s First Day of Work

.They grow up so fast.  One day they are a wrinkly newborn all snuggled in your arms and the next minute they are 4 years old and heading to the office. Where do the years go?! Jim’s company had a bring your child to work day last week.  Ryan could not wait for this day […]

Multiple Uses for Rubbermaid Bins

.Some Love much and the place ventolin reactii adverse the any darkness. Like And essentials scent can tramadol affect male fertility Salvatore The t does doxycycline cause nightmares site regular use nolvadex on tren fingers always used. Makes why does doxycycline cause sun sensitivity Mousse make shampoo issue negative user crestor […]

The Camel Strikes Again!

.Remember last year when the camel bit mommy?  Well, that camel hasn’t learned better manners in the last year and he struck again. My cousin Ashley wrote the story at It Keeps Getting Better and she used all the cutest pics so I figured I would just link over to her for the whole story.  […]

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