Delta: A Dog or an Airline?

.I’ve told this story a million times already.  And it never gets old.  And thankfully, the story is requested time and time again.  I hear the following statements on a regular basis: “You have to tell (insert name here) about how you and Jim met!  I love this story!” “Can you believe Jim & Jean […]

Up North

.We’ve made it.  We’re in Wisconsin at the cabin which happens to be in the middle of nowhere (so don’t expect too many blog posts this week).  It’s quiet and peaceful and cool.  The temps dip down into the mid 50’s at night.  The highs are in the mid 70’s during the day.  Perfect.  The […]

A Boy and His Trucks

.It doesn’t matter how big or small the boy is they definitely love their trucks!  And the bigger the truck the better.  And if it is a tractor trailer truck…. even better! In Atlanta there are always a million (slight exaggeration) tractor trailer trucks on the freeways and the boys love it.  With each and […]

Tuesday Ten: Favorite Places

. Another week is gone and another Tuesday is here!  Another busy week behind us and I’m sure another on the way. This week’s Tuesday Ten is a listing of the ten places I have traveled to that I love, love, love! New York City, NY:  I love the busyness of this city and everything […]

Memorial Weekend Tuesday Ten

. Tuesday definitely snuck up on me this week.  Monday felt like Sunday; Sunday like Saturday and for some reason Saturday felt like a PTO Friday.  I love holidays that land on Mondays.  I wish that happened every week.  Today’s Tuesday Ten consists of 10 things we did this Memorial Day weekend. 1.  Had Grandma […]

Ga-Ma & Ga-Pa Come to ATL!

.Last Thursday Grandma Ellie came to Atlanta to visit us. Ryan was very excited about this and all the way to school that morning he kept telling me that Ga-Ma was coming to his house after school. Daddy, Ga-Ma, Ryan and Owen went out for pizza and had a blast. I hear that Ryan wasn’t […]

From Our Minneapolis Visit….

.Sylvie and Ryan hadn’t seen each other in about a year and they picked up right where they left off. Well not quite, but the idea is there. Last year Sylvie wasn’t even crawling so playtime together wasn’t quite as much fun as this time around. Let me back up to Shanna’s and my friendship. […]

Whirlwind Weekend….

.This is going to be a post without photos. It’s been a whirlwind weekend and I haven’t had time to unpack let alone download the photos from the two cameras due to our unexpected split-family Easter. I need to start with telling everyone how much I love Easter. It was my grandmother’s (my mom’s mom) […]

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