Learning Something New Everyday

.My blog has definitely progressed over the last year and a half.  I started at blogger and a year later I moved over to WordPress.com.  Now I want to switch to my own self hosted WordPress URL.  I purchased my URL a few weeks ago, I know who my hosting site will be and I […]

Father's Day Celebration

.How did you celebrate Father’s Day? In our house we let daddy sleep in until about 7:30am, made him french toast and scrambled eggs, and then let him enjoy his cup of coffee in semi-quiet.  The emphasis is on semi.  The boys then gave daddy a biscuit joiner as his father’s day gift.  Yes, I […]

Growing our own Groceries

.I wasn’t so sure I’d ever be able to tell you that we are eating fresh veggies from the garden.  But we are! The boys are addicted to the peas.  Although Ryan calls them seeds.  “Mommy.  O-wee and Ryan need some seeds.  Can you get us some seeds from the garden?” We also have some […]

Enjoying the Small Things

. I know, I know.  I missed Feature Friday last week.  I have a million excuses why, but I won’t bore you with those details.  Today, I am back in action and ready to share a favorite site with you. I was introduced to this blog through one of the blogfrog communities I follow.  I […]

Every Kid Needs a New Pair of Shoes

.Owen needs new shoes desperately.  He’s down to own pair and the soles are wearing down and his feet are definitely outgrowing them.  Plus they were hand-me-downs from Ryan so they’ve seen better days.  Much better days. Owen seems to outgrow shoes so quickly.  Much quicker than Ryan did.  Or at least it feels that […]

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

.It’s hard to believe that these two cutie pies are actually friends. They were born 3 weeks a part and have been having play dates since they were only a few months old.  Granted the play dates were more for the mommies and the little guys just hung out unaware there was another baby in […]

Mommy Needs a Time Out

.Since time out doesn’t seem to be working for Ryan and Owen right now, can mommy take one instead? I will gladly go sit in the other room with the door closed.  Alone.  Quiet.  Away from the temper tantrums.  Quiet. We’ve had a tough stage with Ryan and the temper tantrums have resurfaced from his […]

Tuesday Ten: Favorite Places

. Another week is gone and another Tuesday is here!  Another busy week behind us and I’m sure another on the way. This week’s Tuesday Ten is a listing of the ten places I have traveled to that I love, love, love! New York City, NY:  I love the busyness of this city and everything […]

Two Peas in a Pod

.Am I referring to the inseparable brothers who do absolutely everything together and mimic each others every move? Or I am referring to the pea pods that are now thriving in my garden? We discovered the pea pods on Friday and have been enjoying eating them all weekend fresh from the garden.  Yum!  Who would […]

Outdoor Living 101

.As you know we have been working hard on our backyard this summer.  We’ve cleared the hill of the insane amounts of overgrown weeds; we’ve planted both a vegetable garden and a flower garden; we’ve been digging up bushes that had become diseased; we’ve planted new cedar trees and we’ve been on a search for […]

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