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I didn’t do a specific blog post about these shelves.  I’m not sure why though so I’ll do a little recap right here.  I had this vision of having these black chunky shelves over my desk in our home office.  I spend a lot of time in the office and really wanted it to be organized, but in a fun way.  I wanted glass containers and jars for my ribbons, markers, paintbrushes and scissors.  I wanted a place to display things without it looking cluttered.  So I spent several weeks searching for the perfect shelves for this particular wall above my desk.  And I couldn’t find any.  They were either not long enough, not chunky enough or too expensive.  So I explained my vision to Jim and WAH-LAH!  I now have shelves that are the perfect length, with the perfect chunk for the perfect price.  I couldn’t ask for anything better!!



  1. it looks woow! they are nice even though at first i thought it was funny but actually they are amazing. i will copy the same.

  2. I like them.

    All my shelves are very plan and really add nothing to the room.

    If you’re going to the trouble of putting shelves up, why not go the extra step and get something that’s going to be worth looking at.

    I like the rounded edges and shiny black finish as well.

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