Desk or Couch Table

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Jim needed a narrow desk to fit perpendicular to his existing desk that would go against the wall.  He designed this desk to match his existing desk perfecting in order to appease my OCD tendencies of having everything match in the room.  Since we currently share an office it was very important to me that this desk match with what we already had in there.  And let me add that what we currently have doesn’t fully match, but does compliment each of the other pieces.  So Jim went to work on this desk for himself and it turned out awesome.  I wanted him to paint it black to match the other furniture, but he refused.  Instead he compromised and stained it a very dark blackish color.  The photos above are pictures of the piece not yet stained and then stained with only one coat.  It’s actually much darker than the pictures above.  Custom accent desk blog post


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