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Jim is our resident handy-man and wood working hobbyist.  He is a talented man who doesn’t get enough dedicated time to wood working.  But come on now.  He has a wife and two kids plus a full time job so what do you expect?  There are only so many hours in one given day.

He is always on the search for new tools and new projects to take on.  So if there is a tool that you have that you just can’t live without, please do share with him.  If you (or your husband) is also a wood working hobbyist, please let me know.  I’m sure they could exchange some great ideas and projects.  And perhaps even discuss some of the latest tools out there.

If you don’t have access to handy custom-built items such as these and would like to order something, I’m sure Jim would be happy to build it for you at a reasonable cost.  You are not restricted to just what you see on this page; he can build just about anything.

This web page will be dedicated to showcasing all of his talent and his latest projects.

This planter box was designed and built to be a herb garden.  I wanted something square that would fit in the corner of our small patio.  I needed it to be tall enough so the little animals (bunnies and cats) that live in our backyard couldn’t get to it as easily.  I also wanted it to look nice and not just be a large pot I could buy at Home Depot.  So many requirements I tell ya!  But Jim came through and built the perfect planters which has now become our strawberry planter.  And I have big plans for him to build a few more of these!  Want to read the original blog post that I wrote?  You can read it here:  Planter box blog post

Jim needed a narrow desk to fit perpendicular to his existing desk that would go against the wall.  He designed this desk to match his existing desk perfecting in order to appease my OCD tendencies of having everything match in the room.  Since we currently share an office it was very important to me that this desk match with what we already had in there.  And let me add that what we currently have doesn’t fully match, but does compliment each of the other pieces.  So Jim went to work on this desk for himself and it turned out awesome.  I wanted him to paint it black to match the other furniture, but he refused.  Instead he compromised and stained it a very dark blackish color.  The photos above are pictures of the piece not yet stained and then stained with only one coat.  It’s actually much darker than the pictures above.  Custom accent desk blog post

I didn’t do a specific blog post about these shelves.  I’m not sure why though so I’ll do a little recap right here.  I had this vision of having these black chunky shelves over my desk in our home office.  I spend a lot of time in the office and really wanted it to be organized, but in a fun way.  I wanted glass containers and jars for my ribbons, markers, paintbrushes and scissors.  I wanted a place to display things without it looking cluttered.  So I spent several weeks searching for the perfect shelves for this particular wall above my desk.  And I couldn’t find any.  They were either not long enough, not chunky enough or too expensive.  So I explained my vision to Jim and WAH-LAH!  I now have shelves that are the perfect length, with the perfect chunk for the perfect price.  I couldn’t ask for anything better!!

Anyone who is a scrapbooker knows how important it is to have access to your paper.  It’s important to have it organized in a manner that suits you and makes it easier to find when you have the vision for the perfect paper for a design layout.  I like to organize mine by color because I tend to think that way when my creative mind is going.  I like to design layouts based on the colors in the photos.  So my scrapbook shelves are organized by color range.  This organizer has 7 shelves which support a lot of 12×12 paper per shelf.  It is built to be very sturdy.  This organizer fits under my desk to tuck out of the way or better yet I’ve been using it as an end table next to my desk with my scanner placed on top of it.  Dual purpose!  If you need a scrapbook shelf to help get you organized, let me know and we will give you a quote to custom build one for you based on the number of shelves you want included as well as the paper size (8.5×11 or 8×8 or 12×12).


  1. Those are mighty excellent works for a DIY wood working hobbyist. You have just inspired me to be one through your blog. Thank you. I’m going to start with those planter boxes for our garden.

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