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Yahres Family | October 2012

Yahres Family | October 2012

Welcome to the Yahres family blog!  Jean (mom) is the main blogger on this site with a few added comments and posts from Jim (dad).  Ryan, Owen, and Emma are the main subjects of our blog and provide all the silly content, photo shoots and the sometimes desperate calls for advise on parenting!  The boys are in elementary school and Emma attends a moms morning out program.  Recently we added a new kitten to our family, Peppa.  We have come to refer to her as Peppa T with the ‘T’ standing for trouble.  She lets the kids carry her around, play dress up with her, and will do just about anything for a treat.  Her daily goal is to determine the highest point of the house in which she can climb to on that given day.

What you can expect to enjoy if you choose to follow our blog, is the documenting of the daily life of two boys and a toddler girl in a busy, crazy and hectic Atlanta household.  We will throw in some design projects, recipes, giveaways, product reviews, craft projects, and organizational tips as well.

What you’ll learn about me is that I recently left the full time corporate/association world as an event and meeting planner to become a stay at home mom to our three kiddos.  Besides room mom duties, car pool, volunteering, and a million other “mom” things, I also founded my own business, My Hello Designs in 2009.

I started blogging in 2008 when Owen (our second son) was less than 2 months old.  It started as a way for me to document our life and share photos of the boys with our family and friends that lived away from us. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin and have lived in Minneapolis, MN and Denver, Co before relocating to Atlanta, GA after marrying Jim in 2005.  Jim grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA and has lived in several other locations before he ended up in Denver, CO where we met.  Our love story is a unique one and still 10+ years after we met I still hear people say “Tell them the story of how you met!  I love this story!”  To be honest, I love it too and do not mind telling it over and over again.  Go ahead and read it for yourself though.  Delta:  A Dog or an Airline?

So while we may seem like your typical suburban family living just outside of Atlanta in a 300 home subdivision with a fenced in backyard, two boys, a baby girl, and a kitten, we are running in ten different directions every day of the week.  We have a ton of fun along the way and we’re here to document as much of it as we can.  We love to take advantage of what Atlanta has to offer and actively attend the local events and attractions.

I hope you will come back often and leave comments.


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  2. What a beautiful blog and a beautiful family you have. I love the diverse information on your blog from the recipes to the kid craft ideas. I just love the pictures of “Mum” and “Dad”. Just so cute.

    Keep up the great work. Your tag line “Raising 2 Boys 1 Day at a time” is just beautiful


  3. Just ran across your blog via SITS and I thought I’d say hey! Cute blog! 🙂

  4. Hello Jean. I just learned about you when my cousins mentioned your blog with a Christmas memory with Clara. Clara was my cousin and I am thinking our mothers probably knew eachother, as my mother was very close to Clara too. I see that you also live in the Atlanta area. Love this website! It is so creative and fun. I would love to meet you.

  5. Ok jean, I’m sorry- but I’ve misplaced the email about the feature friday thing I was supposed to do. HELP!! Sorry ti seems maybe I’ve misplaced my brain too. lol

  6. Hi Jean,

    I’m Adriana from Blogfrog. I think you guys are doing an awesome job with your blog. I’m going to take some time and read through your posts in a bit. I did read the one about the conversation with Ryan. I smiled as I too have a little chatterbox at home. They are fun to listen to, aren’t they? :0) Just wait until he gets bigger. The things that will come out of his mouth will have you rolling. I know my daughter does. I have tagged you on my blog for a meme if you are interested. It’s 7 things that make me grumpy. Here is the link: http://thebusypeppermill.com/2010/05/7-things-that-make-me-grumpy/ Have some fun with it.

    Adriana Pk

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