If You Cook, You Need a Mandoline

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Let’s talk chopping, dicing, and slicing.  Do you want to make waffle fries?  Or what about crinkle slices?  Or carrot sticks?

Or maybe you slice a lot of onions like I do.  As you know (or maybe you don’t know), I do A LOT of bulk cooking.  I’ve been known to make up to 45 freezer meals in one day.  Plus did I tell you I started a meal swap in our neighborhood (more on that soon!)?  There are a lot of onions to slice some months!  For the meal swap, I make between 6-12 meals each month.  So between my personal bulk cooking and the meals swap, I slice and dice way more vegetables than I can count.  And after two onions my eyes can’t take it.

I found a solution though!

MandolineIntroducing the Mandoline.

This handy little kitchen gadget does so much.  It makes all the chopping and dicing and slicing bearable.  And dare I admit…. even a little fun!?!

I haven’t been too adventurous with what I’ve done with it yet, but I will get there.  So far, I’ve really just taken advantage of the time saving for slicing and dicing of vegetables.

It has great safety features since we have three young ones around the kitchen a lot.  You know, because that’s where the snacks live.  Where snacks are, children are.  True story.

So anyway, you can watch the little demo here.  It’s way more entertaining than the video clip I did of my husband slicing onions.  LOL!

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