Ruby the Vizsla

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I cannot believe I haven’t shared this news with y’all!!

We got a PUPPY!!!

Yes, it was almost 12 weeks ago already. 

Yes, I haven’t been blogging much lately. 

Yes, it’s probably (somewhat!) because of the puppy!

Regardless though, she is a wonderful, crazy addition to this already circus style life we live. 

She is a ball of energy. She chews everything. She still has accidents in the house.  She doesn’t always listen. She tortures the cat. She climbs on top of the kitchen table to devour any morsel of food she can find left. She doesn’t like anyone coming near her when she eats. She loves to play frisbee. 

She also loves the kids and climbs on top of them kissing them and nibbling them. 

Did I mention she is a ball of energy?!? Well she is. 

This was her when we brought her home at 7 weeks. 


These are a few pics since then. 


Isn’t she so stinking cute?!?  I tell her everyday that it’s a good thing she’s cute with how naughty she can be!!  

I do have to remember (and remind the kids!) that she is only 18 weeks and still a baby puppy. She has a lot left to learn and it’s our job to teach it all. 

So with that being said…..  HELP!!! 

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