Personalized and Monogrammed Tumblers

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I’ve been making these personalized and monogrammed tumblers like crazy!!  

The make excellent teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, birthday gifts, thank you gifts, and Mother’s Day gifts. 

Or better yet… A little gift for yourself!

Check them out! 



What do you think?  Do you have some they would be perfect for?  They come in a variety of color options (both the cup and the letters). 

They are not listed in my shop as of 4/29/15 but they will be soon. Please visit and if you don’t see them there, please contact me at to place your order. 

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  1. Where did you find these cups ?

  2. How do these hold up in the dishwasher? Dies the vinyl come off with the heat? They are awesome!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      They recommend hand washing them. However, I put mine in the dishwasher all the time and so far so good (several months worth of constant dishwasher use). It’s permanent vinyl so it’s meant to hold up during washing (and again, they recommend hand washing).

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