Valentine, I CHEWS You Printable

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This year Owen REALLY wanted to do bubblegum for his classmate valentine treat.

It’s probably because gum is off limits in our house. No, it’s not just because I’m a mean terrible mommy. It’s because we had a huge gum incident last spring where the boys basically got gum taken away forever!!. A year later I’m still not over the trouble they caused with it and I still have not allowed gum back in the house.

But, back to our valentine treats.

I had Owen fill the snack sized bags with pieces of gum while I designed the printables for the top of each bag.



I printed two per page and then cut them out. Owen then wrote his name on each one while I folded the toppers in half.


Next, I placed each folded topper over the snack bag and stapled them on to secure them.



Didn’t they turn out cute?!? And as Owen said, “mmmm… They smell good too!”


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  1. These are adorable! How do I print them?

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