Valentine Lego (Shoe) Box

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Mission complete. We finished the annual valentine box. The note that came home with Owen regarding this project was, “Have fun! Be creative!”


Don’t get me wrong. I am creative and I have a blast doing projects such as this. The problem is they never are as time consuming in my head as they are in actuality. Especially when working with a kindergarten and two siblings.

Emma kept stealing the tape. And the wrapping paper. And the cups. Oh the cups!!! We needed six cups for the project. I’m pretty sure she used the other 54 cups and spread them all over the house, crushing most of them.

Oh well. She had fun right?!?

We started with. A shoe box and wrapped it in blue wrapping paper just as we would a gift.

Then we cut the cups to first ridge on the bottom. We hot glued them down on the box.

Then with a knife I cut the top opening for the valentine opening.

I printed Owen’s name on the computer using a Lego font. I cut the letters out and glued them on the box.



Overall, it wasn’t complicated. However, it would have been quicker if we didn’t have a troublesome toddler “helping” us. She is really something else lately. A good something else, but boy oh boy does she keep us on our toes.

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