Non-organization at its best!

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I bought a bunch of individual bags of (Halloween) animal crackers at 75% off today (at Toys R Us).

Ryan decided to organize them. He put them all in a bowl in the pantry. He had to put the k-cups in the laundry room though because there was no room for the coffee any more in the pantry.


Then he emptied the breakfast bars from the basket in the pantry and put them in the bag from the animal crackers.

His logic was that if I buy anything else I now have room in the basket where the breakfast bars used to be.

He then put the fruit snacks in the other empty bag from the animal crackers.

sigh again….

So now if you want coffee you need to go to the laundry room.

If you want breakfast bars or fruit snacks you need to go find the bags with animal crackers on it.

If you want animal crackers though you will find those in the pantry.

It all makes sense in his head. I just may never find what I’m looking for again.

I love this kid.

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