November Already?!

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How is it November already?  Weren’t we just celebrating the new year?  Here we are again about to ring in another new year.

This year has been a busy one for sure.  The boys are finishing their second season of soccer (and getting so good!).  Emma is on the move and is truly all girl with her baby dolls and shoes.

The boys started a new school this year (which we absolutely love, love, LOVE!).  Prior to being accepted into this new school we were seriously thinking of putting our house on the market.  We even did some big projects this last Spring to prep for the sale.  They were projects we wanted and/or needed to do regardless, but the potential ‘for sale’ sign was prompting us to finally start AND complete these projects.

Some of you may be wondering where we planned to move to?  Well…. We didn’t really have a clue!  We weren’t in a rush to buy a house just to buy again, but thought we could look into affordable apartments to give us some time.

In the end though, we got into our school of choice, the house didn’t go on the market, and our big house projects got done.  I’d consider that a win-win all the way around!  Wouldn’t you?

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