16 Months or 16 Years? Hard To Tell.

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She is full of personality.

She is nothing but spunk and sass.

She bosses her big brothers around every chance she can.

She has daddy wrapped around her finger.

She is mommy’s little sweetheart and knows how to push mommy’s buttons and then how to give an “I’m sorry” hug.

She loves to smile for the camera with this goofy scrunched up nose and squinty eye smile.

And now…. she has the pose to go with it all.


Emma, you amaze us every day. You are loved so much by everyone who meets you.

I can’t believe you are already 16 months old. But on the other hand you look like a little teenager in this picture.

You are an amazing little girl. Absolutely amazing.

Happy 16 month birthday!! Just don’t grow up too fast little girl.

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