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All For One and One For All. When It Comes To Homework That Is.

.The boys couldn’t wait to do their homework tonight. They were thrilled they both had some. I know that we are only one week into school and this homework excitement will likely wear off. For now though, I’m going to enjoy the hassle free homework time. Emma even wanted in on the action and did […]

Leap Pad Explorer Thief

.Emma is adjusting to the commute to/from the boy’s school twice per day. She isn’t overly thrilled about being in the car so much. In fact, she puked on Friday morning just after dropping the boys off. Awesome. That was EXACTLY how I wanted to spend my Friday. Cleaning a car, a baby, and myself. […]

Back to School Teacher Gifts

.I came across these cute polka dot flower pots at Michaels for 75% off and ended up paying just over $2 each for them. I decided to make them into fun back to school teacher gifts. Didn’t they turn out cute? The download links are at the bottom of this post so you can make […]

Starting the School Year Off Right

.We are busy preparing for our first day back to school on Wednesday. I decided to organize the snacks and put them in snack bags now so we don’t have to do it each morning. I filled baskets with different lunch items and each morning the boys will be able to pick two items out […]

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