Funny Stuff That Happens in a Grocery Store

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It’s not often that I stop at the grocery store mid-week, early morning.

Today was an exception.

I had a very early morning meeting across Atlanta today.  By very early, I mean I had to be there at 6am.  Ridiculous.

Since the meeting was so early, it was still pretty early when I made it back to my side of the city.  I had a sick kiddo at home, but needed to run into the grocery store quick for some milk.  While I was there I quickly ordered Emma’s cupcakes for her first birthday party too.  Simple and uneventful right?


While I was waiting in line to pay for the items, I couldn’t help but notice the woman in front of me.  She was very eccentric with big hair and bright, bold, flowing clothes.  Her makeup was done to a tee and she looked very nicely put together out doing a little early morning shopping.  She was purchasing a lot of clearance item bowls and plates.  They were each between $0.25 and $0.50.  You can imagine how many she needed to purchase to get her total to $12.  Then she tosses in a loaf of french bread and two containers of Greek yogurt.

After receiving her total of $14 and some odd change, she pays and makes a fuss about the cost of the yogurt.  The cashier explains that one of them was 10 for $10 and the other was 5 for $6.  The customer continues to fuss and mumble (even though she’s already paid).  The cashier was very polite and asked if she needed anything more.

The customer looks at her and said, “Never mind.  I just want the bread.”

Both the cashier and I look surprised and totally confused now.

The cashier clarifies, “Do you want me to remove the yogurt?” to which the customer mumbles again, “No.  I just want the bread.”

What the… ?!?!?!

After 10 minutes of ringing up each individual clearanced bowl and plate, you now decide you only want the bread?

Oh, good grief.

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  1. Good grief!! I’d be more than a little annoyed standing there behind her! Have a little respect for other’s time!

  2. O-m-G! Sorry- I really aM laughing with ya!
    My luck~she would have had a partner in line beHIND me shoving her cart into me.
    fav cuz

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