Six Year Old Problem Solving. Amazing.

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Ryan has always been an observer. He quietly watches and figures it out prior to taking action.

He knows his surroundings. He notices new things. If something changes, Ryan is the first to recognize it and announce what is different.

This morning Ryan was in the backyard golfing with Delta. When Delta tired Ryan brought her in the house and went to make sure she had water (she was panting).

Seconds later Ryan emerged looking for a marker. When I asked why he needed it, he responded very matter-of-factly.

“Well mom. When I fill Delta’s water bowl I get tired of guessing how much water to put in the pitcher. Sometimes it is too much and sometimes it’s not enough. So, I figured I would take a marker and draw a line on the pitcher to tell me what the perfect amount is. Then I don’t have to guess anymore.”

And, that is just what he did.


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  1. A good child raised in a good school can really make amazing things.

  2. Love how the problem solving skills develop…such a smart little guy!!

  3. I wouldn’t expect aNYthing less from such a logical-thinking man! ; D

  4. ashley c says:

    That is so cute!

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