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National Pretzel Day – April 26th

.Friday, April 26th is National Pretzel Day!  Help us decide if Pretzel Crisps® should celebrate National Pretzel Day or our own holiday, National Pretzel Crisps® Day. Starting Tuesday, April 23rd, you can vote once on the Pretzel Crisps® Facebook page for which holiday you think Pretzel Crisps® should celebrate – National Pretzel Day on April […]

Six Year Old Problem Solving. Amazing.

.Ryan has always been an observer. He quietly watches and figures it out prior to taking action. He knows his surroundings. He notices new things. If something changes, Ryan is the first to recognize it and announce what is different. This morning Ryan was in the backyard golfing with Delta. When Delta tired Ryan brought […]

Get an Exclusive Look at Disney Junior’s New Series “Henry Hugglemonster” on!

. Head over to to preview a full 22-minute episode of “Henry Hugglemonster”, Disney Junior’s all new series, before it premieres on the 24-hour Disney Junior channel on Monday, April 15! The new animated series  follows the adventures of five-year-old Henry Hugglemonster, the middle child in a happy, close-knit monster family, as he shares […]

Chocolate Tastes Like Cardboard, Don’t You Think?

.I don’t get it.  Why do people keep telling me that chocolate is so yummy? Why do they say chocolate is an addiction? I think it tastes like cardboard. Am I missing something?

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