Shrimp & Corn Fritters – eMeals Idea!

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eMeals has changed the way we eat.

No longer do I scramble to find something in the pantry to make an hour before dinner time.

No more random mid-week trips to the grocery store for one or two ingredients.


Now I do weekly grocery shopping and have all of our meals very easily planned out. I know I have all the ingredients for each of them and it’s simply amazing.

There are a variety of meal options to choose from each night too. Some are quick; some are easily prepped in advance; some are more time consuming; some are even crockpot recipes.

Depending on the day I can determine what the best fit for us that night will be.

Earlier this week, we had shrimp and corn fritters. OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was super easy to make and we all loved them. Seafood is a favorite around here and corn ranks pretty high too. I figured this one would be a hit, but I didn’t realize how big of a hit it really would be.

photoBoth boys ate two of them and asked to have them as leftovers in their lunches the next day. They were simply delicious. Don’t they look yummy?!

We’ve had a variety of other delicious meals including Chicken-Wild Rice Casserole this week. The best part is that you can tweak them slightly if you know it’s not something your family will like. For instance, there was a ham & corn chowder recipe last week and I know the kids won’t eat that. However, they absolutely love ham! So, I used portions of the ingredients and instead made more of a

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ham and side dish of corn type of meal. They loved it and asked for more.

The meals are healthy and the suggested side dishes have been great. We’ve had cantaloupe, salads, rice dishes and more as options.

Yummy and easy. Go ahead and sign up for eMeals. You’ll be glad you did.

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