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The boys are very into Star Wars right now. I figured I would go with that current love and create a Valentine card around that theme.

Here is what I came up with….

What do you think? You can leave it as is or if you want to get a little more crafty you can hole punch the Valentine card and put either a Pixy Stix or a glow bracelet in place of the light saber. It’s your choice!


Here it is with the glow stick (bracelet size) for the light saber. This is the final Valentine the boys will use this year. I love it!!


Would you like to use this fun Valentine printable for your Star Wars fan? You can download it FREE from my Flickr account. If you want to receive other FREE downloads in the future, please like My Hello Designs on facebook where I will announce new downloads as they become available . Please note that it will not have the My Hello Designs watermark on the .jpg available at Flickr.

For more designs, please visit My Hello Designs on Etsy.

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  1. I love these, absolutely adorable! My favorite is the one with the glowstick 🙂 I included them in a roundup of our favorite classroom valentines for this year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. jill watson says:

    im having trouble downloading this image, do I click on Upload?

  3. You could even use a glow stick instead of candy for the lightsaber. Looks more realistic.


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