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FREE Star Wars Valentine DIY Printable

.The boys are very into Star Wars right now. I figured I would go with that current love and create a Valentine card around that theme. Here is what I came up with…. What do you think? You can leave it as is or if you want to get a little more crafty you can […]

Barefoot Baby

.It’s January. We are outside in sandals (me) and barefoot (baby girl). I love the south on days like today. What’s the weather like where you are? I’ve been seeing snowman pictures on Facebook so I know it’s still winter in some places… Just doesn’t feel like it here.

Winner of Puppy Bowl IX Giveaway!

.And the winner is….. If you haven’t already entered my other giveaway, you can do so here.  The items for that giveaway make great gifts too!  Stock up and be ready when someone announces they are having a baby… you can give them a set of monthly onesie stickers.  How fun is that?!

We Lost the Baby…. AGAIN!

.Does this ever happen to you? You lay the baby on the floor and then you can’t seem to find her a few minutes later. Too many toys!

My Hello Designs Monthly Giveaway!

. I have decided to host a My Hello Designs giveaway every month in 2013! What that means is that every month you will have a new chance to win your choice of products at My Hello Designs. The giveaway will start on the 1st of every month and will end on the 15th of […]

Puppy Bowl IX Giveaway!

. While football players are gearing up for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVII, Animal Planet and Geico Stadium is getting ready for the exciting and adorable Puppy Bowl IX! A lovable lineup of all-star puppies compete in the cutest competition of the year for the ninth consecutive Puppy Bowl title. Each Puppy Bowl viewing kit […]

Warning: Pigtail Cuteness

.Have you seen anything cuter?! I simply love pigtails on little girls. I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I realized Emma’s hair would already fit in them at 8 months. I’m not sure she is quite as thrilled as I was…

Almost as Good as Winning the Lotto

.It is like she won the lotto when she realizes the remote is within her reach. She simply loves the remote.

Friends Forever

.Emma really wants the dog bone. Delta is so patient with her. She’s an amazing dog. Annoying, but amazing.

Time Flies!

.So many ideas in my head and so many potential blog posts brewing. Yet the days continue to fly by with no posts live on the blog. Ugh! We’ve had Ryan’s 6th birthday party; his actual birthday; the flu for three kiddos; Christmas; New Years; friends in town from Minneapolis; a trip to Disney World; […]

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