He Challenges Us Every Day

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Owen was naughty for the tenth time in about five minutes.

I sent him to time out.

He wore a smirk all the way to his time out spot.

After about 3 minutes he asked, “Am I done yet?”

I replied, “Are you ready to behave?”

To which he responds, “Um… Well, not yet. Maybe in 5 more minutes.”

Luckily he couldn’t see my smirk.

Another few minutes goes by and he tells me, “It has been 5 minutes. I’m ready to behave now. Sorry mom!”

Off he runs to play.

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  1. That is hilarious and totally sounds like something my 4 year old would say!!

  2. I L-U-V this boy,
    m u c h !!!
    fav cuz

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