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Sibling Heart to Heart

.Doesn’t this just make your heart happy? It does mine.

He Challenges Us Every Day

.Owen was naughty for the tenth time in about five minutes. I sent him to time out. He wore a smirk all the way to his time out spot. After about 3 minutes he asked, “Am I done yet?” I replied, “Are you ready to behave?” To which he responds, “Um… Well, not yet. Maybe […]

Drop and Give Me Ten

.Don’t judge.

Sugar and Spice…and a Little Sass

.She is most definitely sugar and spice and everything nice. She melts our hearts every day. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you though. This girl definitely has spice in her personality! She will let out a screech when she wants something. She will smack her lips together when she is hungry. She will bury […]

National Brand Formula vs. Store Brand Formula

. Do you use a national brand of baby formula or a store brand?  Have you considered making a switch from the national brands? I’d like to tell you a bit about my recent experience with this.  As most of you know I’m a mom to my third kiddo.  For the first two kids I […]

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