Halloween Pet Parade

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When we first got Delta, Jim said “You are not going to dress her up in jackets and sweaters and all that stuff.  She’s a dog.”

It didn’t take long to realize that Delta loves to be dressed up though.  She loves to wear bandanas around her neck; jackets when it’s chilly; and Halloween costumes in the fall.  We don’t go overboard with it all, but she sure loves the attention she gets when wearing these things.

So with kids dressing up for Halloween, it’s only fair for Delta to get to as well.  Last year she was a butterfly and this year we chose the peacock costume.  We’ve entered her in the Animal Planet Virtual Halloween Pet Parade again this year and when the links are live and voting starts, I will post again so you can cast your vote!

In the meantime, enjoy our pup who is “proud as a peacock” in her new costume.



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