No Tattletales Here

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Owen to Ryan (in the other room): I’m telling on you.

A few seconds later Owen is standing in front of me.

Owen: Momma…

Mommy (interrupting): Are you here to tattle?

Owen: Ugh. Momma…

Mommy interrupting again: Are

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you going to tattle?

Owen more annoyed than before: Ugh. Momma…

Mommy interrupting yet again: Owen it sounds like s tattle coming. Are you going to tattle?

Owen: No, I’m not going to tattle.

Mommy: What would you like to say then Owen?

Owen with a deep (and defeated sigh): I love you momma.

Mommy: I love you too bud.

Do you think he got my point? I do 🙂

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