School is Back in Session

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I cannot believe how fast the summer went!  How is it time for school to start already?!

Yesterday marked day one of the school year and the boys couldn’t have been any more excited.  Earlier in the week there was a lot of whining and complaining about having to go back to school, but after we went for a little orientation on Wednesday and the boys got to see their friends and teachers and play on the playground, they couldn’t have been any more excited to go back officially for the year.

We now have a kindergartner and a pre-k kid.  How did this happen?!  When did they get to be this age?  I just cannot believe it.


I printed these signs for each of them to hold for photos this year.  Each sign is printed in their current favorite color and is dated with what they want to be when they grow up.  I plan on doing this for the first day and last day of school each year to see how their favorite colors and career choices vary over time.  I love that Owen’s instant answer to my question was that he wanted to be a superhero.  Such a four year old answer!  Ryan at first said policeman and then quickly changed his answer to chef.  “Mom, please, please I want to be a chef!!  I want to cook for you and daddy!”

We of course had to get a goofy shot….


And then another of Owen just being Owen….


Happy first day back everyone! Enjoy the school year. And parents, enjoy some quiet time and routines again. I know I’m looking forward to it. As much fun as summer was, it sure is nice to have some time to get caught up on the things that were slacking around here…. like this blog!

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