Our DUB Custom Ridez

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We’ve been BUSY this summer!  We’ve been to the pool a lot and to the park and to doctor appointments and play dates.  We’ve even been to Disney World (more on that later)!

We’ve also had some days where we have stayed in pjs and played inside all day.  Atlanta is HOT folks and some days you just don’t want to venture out.

One day we had the box man (UPS guy) show up at the door with something for the boys.  It was a DUB Custom Ridez from Toy State (www.toystate.com)!  The boys could not wait to bust into that box and start playing!!

This toy was an instant hit and when they weren’t zooming it back and forth to each other in the hallway we had to set the timer and take turns playing with it.  It was hard to get a good video of how much fun they were having, but here is a little glimpse anyway.

They sat in the hallway and played for hours that afternoon.  Such a break for

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mommy!  I think I even got the dishes done and dinner started with them distracted and playing together so nicely.

Of course they also wanted to pose with the camera for a few quick pics. I couldn’t resist their cute faces so here you go!

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The DUB Custom Ridez is a motorized vehicle featuring DUB custom designs, pulsating beats and Toy State’s signature lights and sounds! I can guarantee that your kiddo will enjoy this toy. Or it would make a great birthday gift since it’s reasonably priced. Sure to be a hit in any household!

Disclaimer: I received this toy complimentary from Child’s Play Communications (www.childsplaypr.com). All opinions are my own.

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