A Week in Big Canoe

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The boys have been attending vacation bible school this week in Big Canoe, GA at grandad and grandmom’s house.


They are loving it!

Every day Ryan asks me what day it is and then responds with “Yes!! That means we still have 4 days (or whatever number it is) left to stay here! Great!”

They have spent mornings at church camp (as we call it) and then afternoons at the pool.


The boys are not the only ones having fun though. Baby sister has enjoyed chilling at the pool as well.


It has been a great week so far! And everyone is exhausted at night making for an easy and quick bedtime since they all just crash.



Simply wonderful….

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  1. Ashley C says:

    Oh how cute is Owen sleeping with his foot up?! Adorable!

    • Typical Suburban Family says:

      Isn’t that too cute?! Love his hands above his head and his leg up and crossed. Totally chilling.

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